Davido’s aide. Isreal Afeare narrates his crash marriage with his estranged wife Sheila(Photos)

Israel Afeare, the logistics manager of singer Davido, has revealed the reasons behind the collapse of his marriage to estranged wife Sheila, occurring before their first wedding anniversary.

In an extensive post shared on his Instagram page, Israel disclosed that he initially encountered Sheila as a financially challenged individual who insisted on abstaining from premarital sex due to being an evangelist’s daughter. Israel asserted that he adhered to her principles and went above and beyond to provide Sheila with a comfortable life.

According to Israel, Sheila’s true colors emerged post-wedding, when she began imposing standards on him. He claimed that Sheila told him that he was a “full slave” to Davido and found ‘dignity in begging oga.’

Furthermore, Israel accused Sheila of accusing him of disgracing her on social media and criticized her mother for being ‘wicked’ to him during their time together. He cursed the day they met and also placed a curse upon any man who might marry her in the future.

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