Watch Video of Mohbad’s wife & Naira Marley on the same bed during a business meeting(Video)

After a video featuring singer Naira Marley and Mohbad’s wife Wunmi surfaced, comments began to pour in.

Many social media users were offended when they saw Mohbad’s wife Wunmi in the recently leaked video shown sharing a bed with Naira Marley.

The video that went viral was purportedly created after Naira Marley and Wunmi had sex, according to the all_viral_blog Instagram blog.

“Shocking twist as video surfaces online showing Wummi Mohbad’s wife laying on Naira Marley Mohbad boss Bed confidently,” the blogger claimed. Wummi, however, rushed to cover her face, hide, and try to push the camera off her face as soon as she realized Naira had been shooting for too long.

The individuals responsible for the video leak have also promised to give Naira $€x T@p£ and l£@k Wummi in the future.

It’s unclear what Mahbad’s girlfriend, who later became his wife, was doing when she entered the boss’s bedroom and even slept on his bed with assurance.

Reports circulating on several social media networks imply that the video was actually made after Naira Marley and Wummi finished having C0llapsed D0gg¥ ($€x).

However there was also a 3rd party believed to be another male inside the room, it’s also unclear the date this video was made by Naira because he was the one holding the camera with Wummi lying close by.

How the videos creep their way out to the preying eyes of the internet is still unknown, but for some reason, people are expressing a very suspicious face towards Wummi for lying on the bed of his husband’s boss Naira Marley and Naira Marley was even making a video himself showing Wummi was on his bed before Wummi started avoiding the camera when she noticed naira was filming.”

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