Trending audio recordings of actor Mr Ibu disclosing he stopped sleeping with his ‘daughter’ Jasmine after he caught her sleeping with his son(Audio)

It is purported that Mr. Ibu confirms that he once dated and slept with his adopted daughter, Jasmine, until he caught her having sex with his son, according to a leaked audio clip that has gone viral online and shocked Nigerians.
The complex situation involving the actor’s family, health, and possessions has been surrounded by controversy after controversy, with Mr. Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jasmine, and his wife, Stella Maris, getting into arguments.

The recorded audio appears to be a conversation between a woman and Mr. Ibu, who is purportedly speaking while operating a vehicle.

The actor was heard affirming in Igbo that he had slept with Jasmine, the woman who went on to become well-known on the internet by pretending to be “Mr. Ibu’s daughter.”
In addition, he acknowledged that his son had slept with Jasmine and said he would never touch her again.

Check out the audio below.

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